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Meet our team

Professor of English

Barbara Fuchs

Professor of English and Spanish. Mediterranean and transatlantic studies, literature and empire, transnationalism and literary history, race and religion in the early modern world.

Professor of English

Joseph Bristow

Victorian and Modern literature; theories and histories of sexuality; British aestheticism (particularly Oscar Wilde and his circle), decadence, and Edwardian writing.

Associate Professor of English

Matthew Fisher

Old English, Middle English, Latin, and Anglo-Norman Literature; Paleography, codicology, and philology

Associate Professor of English

Sarah T. Kareem

History and theory of the novel; fictionality; Enlightenment philosophy; literature and science; realism and the marvelous; affect theory.

Project Manager, Co-Author

Philip S. Palmer

Head of Research Services at the Clark Library. Book history; manuscript marginalia; digital humanities; text encoding; Thomas Coryate and early modern travel writing

Web Designer

Mike D'Errico

PhD candidate in the UCLA Department of Musicology and the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate Program. Hip-hop and electronic dance music, popular music and technology, video games and multimedia art; sound studies.

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